Friday, December 18, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hyatt Lost Pines

I know 3 posts in one day!! It is partly due to a full nights sleep last night!! No Annabelle isn't quite there, but we have had some 7 hour stretches at night lately.

Ben and I took an overnight get away to Hyatt Lost Pines Resort, without Annabelle! Huge step, but I didn't realize how needed it was until we got there and had an hour long conversation without any interruptions!

It was such a great time to just be together, we got to talk alot, pray together, play frisbee golf, go on looong walks, pet horses, eat wonderful food, sleep in, get in the hot tub, drink wine on our balcony, do some planning, review our budget, all in 28 hours! It was so productive and relaxing!

Ben's parents came and stayed with Annabelle and she was great for them! And I only called a few times to check in.

We decided we needed to do this twice a year, it is just a good way for us to check in and get some great time together. Plus we loooove this resort! It is 30 minutes from our house, but feels like a world away! We are already ready to go back!

2 months old

We are propped up on the chair!
And starting to slide
I cannot believe 2 months have past since our Sugar Plum, as we have nicknamed her, entered the world. I heard it goes by fast, and it sure does! In the last month Annabelle has learned to smile when she sees us! Will coo and even laugh when smiling. She has found her hand and will try and suck on it when she is hungry. She loves her bouncer and kicks her little legs which make the toys dance which she loves to watch! She has also begun to cry and it can get loud when she is hungry or tired....but come to think of it, I get cranky when I am hungry or tired too!
We just love her more and more each day.

She was looking at me as I tried to make her smile and Ben took the picture.
We couldn't capture one in this photo shoot....we will have to try again later.
But she sure looked cute in her new red dress from grandpa!


Halloween: Ben is an obnoxious UT fan wearin everything brurnt orange in his closet. I am a new mom, with curlers in my hair, wearing pjs and a robe which Annabelle helped complete the costume with spit up! Kingston is the largest bumble bee you have ever seen and Annabelle is a ballerina. We only last 15min at the neighborhood halloween party because Annabella was screaming the entire time, turns out she was just hungry. But it wore me out so I was in bed by 9pm. We just left a basket of candy on our porch for trick or treaters!
Picnic at the capital!!! Here is our little family. Besides the perfect weather, the friends at the picnic are what made this so fun! Plus we got to see Dad in the middle of the day.

Here are all the dads holding their kiddos. Not quite sure why we didn't get a picture of the moms. We must of been trying to eat while our hands were free!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Annabelle Ballerina

Annabelle's playgroup meet at the pumpkin patch today all dresses in their halloween costumes!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1st month of life!

Our first outing when Annabelle was 2 weeks old! Fun with Friends Reed & Aubrey, Ellie & Clarie and Amy!

Sleeping Beauty

On our way to church
Our furture Longhorn

I am one month old!!

New outfit from Gigi

I don't like my flower headband

But I do love my waa-wee

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ok Ok we aren't waiting anymore.....

Just really really sleep deprived! Thus the lack of posting since Annabelle's birth!
I want to post alot of pictures and for whatever reason this blog wants to post them all out of order and give me a major headache. So in the meantime you can see pictures of Annabelle's birth-day and her 1 week newborn photo shoot on my Friends Cat's blog:
Click on Portraits site, Clients and the password is 090909

The past 3 1/2 weeks have been filled with family, visits and dinners from friends, walks in the stroller, a few trips to babies r us, and lots and lots of dirty diapers!! I think we have had to change the diaper gene 4 times already! And last night I got the privilege of doing laundry at 3am, because as I was changing Annabelle she decided she wasn't done going to bathroom, and well lets just say I was wearing #2 and so were my sheets, then she decided to go #1 as well, all while her diaper was off! It was awesome!!!! It is amazing how something so sweet and little can make such a big mess! Oh the joys of being a mom!

We have also had many highlights: yesterday was our first play group, we have been to church twice, bible study once, we have been lots of places shopping thanks to her grandmothers Honey and GiGi! We aren't quite sure of bath time yet, but I hear she will start to love it!

Kingston has adjusted pretty well. Only a one of Annabelle's toys is missing! He comes over and likes to lick her head, she doesn't seem to mind at all. We have been impressed with him, but we can tell he craves attention!

I am adjusting well too, just tired! The evenings are the hardest time of day, I am the most tired and she is the most hungry and cranky! Thankfully Ben is a huge help during this time!! He is a wonderful dad, I have been blown away!! I have fallen even more in love with him as I watch him fall in love with her! Such a sweet blessing!

Ok I promise it won't be another 3 1/2 weeks before I post! And more pics to come!!!