Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Halloween: Ben is an obnoxious UT fan wearin everything brurnt orange in his closet. I am a new mom, with curlers in my hair, wearing pjs and a robe which Annabelle helped complete the costume with spit up! Kingston is the largest bumble bee you have ever seen and Annabelle is a ballerina. We only last 15min at the neighborhood halloween party because Annabella was screaming the entire time, turns out she was just hungry. But it wore me out so I was in bed by 9pm. We just left a basket of candy on our porch for trick or treaters!
Picnic at the capital!!! Here is our little family. Besides the perfect weather, the friends at the picnic are what made this so fun! Plus we got to see Dad in the middle of the day.

Here are all the dads holding their kiddos. Not quite sure why we didn't get a picture of the moms. We must of been trying to eat while our hands were free!!

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