Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hyatt Lost Pines

I know 3 posts in one day!! It is partly due to a full nights sleep last night!! No Annabelle isn't quite there, but we have had some 7 hour stretches at night lately.

Ben and I took an overnight get away to Hyatt Lost Pines Resort, without Annabelle! Huge step, but I didn't realize how needed it was until we got there and had an hour long conversation without any interruptions!

It was such a great time to just be together, we got to talk alot, pray together, play frisbee golf, go on looong walks, pet horses, eat wonderful food, sleep in, get in the hot tub, drink wine on our balcony, do some planning, review our budget, all in 28 hours! It was so productive and relaxing!

Ben's parents came and stayed with Annabelle and she was great for them! And I only called a few times to check in.

We decided we needed to do this twice a year, it is just a good way for us to check in and get some great time together. Plus we loooove this resort! It is 30 minutes from our house, but feels like a world away! We are already ready to go back!

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