Friday, July 10, 2009

Annabelle's Nursery

Miss Annabelle Katherine's Nursery!!!

This is the family baptism gown she will wear, and I wore as a baby! And the sweet pink dress is what she will coming home from the hospital. Her Halbach grandparents brought it back from Paris just for her!!!

Her monogrammed lamp shade!

The glider thanks to her Devine Grandparents, and her book shelf.

Her crib,thanks to her great grandmother Yaya. I still need to sew the bed skirt, for now the fabric is draped on the mattress! On the wall are pearl letters of her name!

Here is a more full view of her room, with her changing table and pink Pottery Barn rug, thanks to her Timberlake Grandparents.

We have the best parents and Annabelle has the best grandparents. We can't wait for her to me you all! Thank you all for contributing to making her room so special!

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