Tuesday, May 26, 2009

24 weeks pregnant!

Painting Annabelle's room Silver Sage by Restoration Hardware.
We are going to put up white bead board on the bottom half of the walls, that is why only half the room is painted. More to come on the finished product!
Annabelle's very girly Pottery Barn rug!
I love it, it takes up the entire room!

And here I am, this was take on May 21, our anniversary.
I also cut my hair about 6 inches. I was just too hot!

I am growing everyday! Just last week strangers are asking me when I am due! That is exciting because my tummy is finally rounded and popping out so I actually look pregnant and not just like all the Chick Fil A I have been eating is catching up to me!

We are getting Annabelle's room ready. In the past 2 weeks we have bought a rug and a dresser, painted her room, and cleared all Ben's clothes out of her closet.


  1. I can't wait to see the finished room with all your detailed touches! You look so so pretty...the clock ticks on!

  2. Sarah,
    Congratulations!! You look precious! I am excited to keep up with your blog. We also did bead board on the bottom half of our nursery! ( I say we, it was all Adam). I love it though!!
    This is such an exciting time in our lives, I hope the remainder of your pregnancy goes great and I will keep you and Annabelle in my prayers!
    Wish you were closer for play dates! :o)