Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Smithville & Bastrop, TX
6 mothns pregnant

Eddie V's
Austin, TX
Breckenridge, CO

Eureka Springs, AK

Last week we celebrated out 4 year anniversary last week! Each year we take a picture holding up the number of years we have been married. Fun to look at the years past!
Hard to believe we have been married 4 years. We always reflect on the last year listing highs and lows for us as well as major events. Some that topped the list for the past year:
  • Leaving staff with Campus Crusade
  • Ben starting a new job with Duff & Boynton
  • Ben helping to start new company Laureate Wealth Management
  • Sarah's migraines still a problem, but saw new Dr in Sept and started new medicines and for the first time relief from migraines
  • Sarah started Monogram Me, her monogramming business
  • we joined All Saints Church and love it
  • we both have new bible studies that we feel very blessed by
  • Ben and I were both in James in Clare's wedding
  • Sarah was in Jill, Christina and Elizabeth's weddings
  • And the biggest change, getting pregnant and preparing for baby Annabelle!

On Thursday Ben came home after lunch from work and we drove out to Smithville, a small town about an hr away, best known for the filming of Hope Floats! Ben had been there before and had talked about wanting to take me, we walked around the town and Ben let me look in every antique shop! I loved it! Then we drove into Bastrop and had dinner at a quaint cafe, where we took the picture. After dinner we headed back to Austin for dessert! It was a great day of leisure, shopping and good food!

We also discussed how this past year has been the best year yet for us in our marriage. We have grown as individuals as well as a couple in our love, communication and dedication to one another. I am so thankful that I am married to Ben. He loves and nurtures me so well. I can't wait to see what the rest of life will be like with him!

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