Friday, June 26, 2009

28 weeks baby belly

Here I am in Annabelle's room!!! My belly grows each day. And she moves around all the time.
But she does not perform on command! Each time she is moving and Ben is around I tell him and he sticks his hand on my stomach, and 9 times out of 10 she stops moving! She is a little stinker. Ben thinks she is just being stubborn...wonder where she gets that?

Her room is now my favorite place in the house! I will sometimes just go sit in the glider and rock. It is just so calm and peaceful in there. And it took an army to get it finished. Much thanks to Jim and Lisa who came down and put up a new fan and all the bead board. And then my mom, Betsy, Mark and Kellie all helped finish off the bead board touch ups and set up all the furniture! I still have to hang things on the wall and finish making her crib skirt, but you can see the fabric hanging in her crib!

At my 28week appt she is measuring right on track! And still very healthy. Despite my health during pregnancy there has never been any concern with Annabelle's health, we are so thankful! As the days pass on I am beginning to become more and more anxious to meet her! September will be here before I know it!


  1. yea! you better keep up with the posting!! I check all the time :)

  2. Oh Sarah, you look so gorgeous. And I absolutely love the bead board. You are decorating my future home, if we ever have one. I miss you dearly and would love to chat soon. Love you!

  3. ooooh so glad you posted! you do look beautiful, it was such a delight to see your face last weekend. and Annabelle's room is going to be so lovely when you finish w/your special touches. I second Erin!

  4. Sarah, i love reading about you and Ben and Annabelle! I teared up thinking about how anxious you must be to meet her. i remember being so excited.......and now i can hardly remember life without Charlie. I really think my emotions have level out, yet I'm crying thinking about how much i love him.....such a sap.