Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fun Baby Bump Pics!

Sugar Plum Dreams is a store in San Antonio where I am registered. And they let you fill a bassinet with stuff you like. When a person comes into to buy you a gift they go to this room filled with bassinets and can pick something out. I am standing by Annabelle's bassinet!
Here I am taking full advantage of the "expectant mother parking" spots at Babies R Us!
I wish every store had this special treatment for pregos! Especially now when I am in full waddle!

Just when I didn't think it was possible to get any bigger, I did! And at 35 weeks, I still have 5 to go! Can't imagine what I will look like in a month. I asked the nurse about my growth spurt, which I am sure have nothing to do with the amount of Chick Fil A and snickers ice cream bars, she assured me I would only gain 5lbs at the most. We will see....

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  1. sarah this margaret
    i wanted to let you know you look beautiful
    im praying for you