Friday, August 28, 2009


What an interesting time we find ourselves in. Just waiting for this little girl to make her debut into the world. I am praying she doesn't inherit her mother's stubbornness, and come late. I was 3 weeks late, thankfully they won't let me go any further than one week past my due date. So we could have a baby tomorrow or as late as Sept 20th!

We are ready!!! I have washed every sock, onesie and blanket, organized the clothes by size, we have installed the car seat, I have packed her coming home outfit and my hospital bag, snacks for Ben and even candy for the hospital nurses & visitors! I have been monogramming burp cloths and blankets. And now I am cleaning out closets and drawers, nesting in full swing.

I told Ben the other night that this time period reminded me of getting engaged. Because it was a huge life-changing event that I had no idea when it would happen, what it would be like and had no control over. A day that I had dreamed and imagined for years. Not sure I have dreamed of child birth for years.....but have dreamed of having children. So we will wait for this day to come, whatever it may hold and whenever it is. (I am still praying she comes has been a loooong 9 months!)

We are so excited to meet you, sweet Annabelle! I am ready to hold you in my arms and kiss your sweet face. And have you hiccup in my arms vs in my tummy!!! We love you!

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  1. sweet post, Sarah! there are so many of us eager to meet your little one!